Risk Policy


At Architectural Home Builders we take a realistic attitude to the risks associated with a domestic construction projects. We understand that no project is risk free and that risk can only be; managed, minimised, shared, transferred, or accepted – It cannot be ignored.

One of the root causes of the typical bad stigma associated with some domestic builders and their ‘tradies’ comes from a lack of realistic risk communication and management.

At Architectural Home Builders we take a proactive approach to risk. Our risk planning and mitigation starts in the planning phase of each of our projects. Our risk management plan is continually reviewed and amended as the project progresses and risks change with the project life-cycle.

Finally to complement our in-house risk management we maintain a full suite of insurances to further mitigate risk.

Architectural Home Builders holds and closely maintains the following insurance policies:

  • Building Warranty Insurance
  • Building and project Works insurance
  • Public Liability insurance

Project Risk Categories May Include

  • OH & S
  • Cost management ( and general financial )
  • Time management ( programme / schedule )
  • Scope & variation management
  • Procurement & contracts
  • People management
  • Information management
  • External influences

Without correctly managing these risk categories the project’s schedule, budget, scope or quality may be affected. As result this could damage our client’s satisfaction and in turn the damage of our brand and reputation.