Environmental Policy


"Architectural Home Builders is passionate about protecting our environment. We endeavor to improve energy, resource and water efficiency, reduce our carbon foot print and offer long-term cost savings - to our clients without lowering the style and feel of our homes."

  • Sustainability starts with design

    Taking a user-centric approach to planning and design Architectural Home Builders and design consultants specify optimal insulation sizes and the most efficient appliances for each individual application.

    Throughout the design phase we work closely with designers to help plan for standard building material sizes to be make up equal denominations of the end building size resulting in cost savings and less wastage.

    We utilise the services of select skip bin companies to ensure that the majority of our building waste is recycled.

    Materials such as the following are recycled-

    • Timber
    • Plastic
    • Cement by- products
    • Steel
    • Glass
    • Cardboard Packaging
  • During construction we use 100% renewable electricity.