Bespoke Renovations & Additions
"To Cohesively Bring Together The Finest Trade Contractors With The Finest Building Materials To Construct The Finest Living Environments."

Major Renovations & Additions

You may be feeling that you need a little more room to move and would like to extend your home. At Architectural Home Builders, our bespoke house builders can work with you to design and build the most comfortable, stylish spaces to compliment your existing home. Our emphasis on collaboration with the client ensures that your extension would be an addition that you never knew how you lived without!

How We Can Help

If you feel that your home is ready for a makeover, we will be there to manage the design and building process, with very little effort required from you. Architectural Home Builders can help you to re-create the perfect space to suit your new lifestyle. No job is too big or too challenging for us, from simple renovations through to complete bespoke house designs. Our custom extension process allows you to leave the project in our capable hands. Our bespoke house builders will then deliver a high-quality, stylish and functional design. All you will have to do is relax and enjoy the journey.

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